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On June 11th 1963, Thích Quảng Đức, a Vietnamese Buddhist monk, sat down in the middle of a busy intersection in Saigon, covered himself in gasoline and He then ignited a match, and set himself on fire. Đức burned to death in a matter of minutes, and he was immortalized in a famous photograph taken by a reporter who was in Vietnam in order to photograph the war. All those who saw this spectacle were taken by the fact that Duc did not make a sound while burning to death. Đức was protesting President Ngô Đình Diệm’s administration for oppressing the Buddhist religion.

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Tibetan exile Janphel Yeshi, 27, runs as he is engulfed in flames after he set himself on fire to protest an upcoming visit to India by Chinese President Hu Jintao, March 26, 2012, in New Delhi. (AFP/Getty Images)

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Hard for me to believe or understand this. 

Committing suicide is a last-resort measure in any society, but it’s seen as especially extreme for Tibetan Buddhists. Because their religion reveres all living beings, many Tibetans believe those who take their own lives will not be reincarnated. That’s a grim fate for religious devotees who aspire to be reborn, again and again, in more enlightened forms. “But what else can people do? We don’t have guns. We don’t want to harm other human beings. Yet we can’t stand to see our religion and culture being crushed,” lamented one Tibetan man from Lhasa, who requested anonymity because he feared China’s massive security crackdown, which has affected parts of four provincial areas.

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Sand Mandalas <3



A Buddhist monk’s footprints are permanently etched into the floorboards he has been praying on every day for 20 years.


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Seeking Enlightment.

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wind horses

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company digging mine in afghanistan unearths 2,600 year old buddhist monastery ›


“Archaeologists are rushing to salvage what they can from a major 7th century B.C. religious site along the famed Silk Road connecting Asia and the Middle East. The ruins, including the monastery and domed shrines known as ‘stupas,’ will likely be largely destroyed once work at the mine begins.”  reported by the dailymail

For years, humans have tried to conquer nature, but in doing so, they themselves became conquered. They lost their connection with the earth. They destroyed the land they were tilling…

In Buddhist belief, there are no pesticides, no bad insects, no good ones. There is only imbalance in the world. We must restore that balance.

Han Guojie, water-quality engineer turned farmer, quoted in “Sowing Seeds for an Organic Revolution,” by William Wan in the Washington Post, November 2, 2010 (thanks to Organic Consumers Association)
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I hate it when people say that animals aren’t smart so that means it’s ok to eat them. First of all, they are smart. Second, there are so many fucktards on the planet, including those who believe that logic. Does that mean it’s ok to eat those people? Third, intelligence isn’t everything. An animal doesn’t have to be able to speak and to reason to suffer. If something can suffer, it should not be eaten, harvested, or exploited.