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Palm oil is delicious. It’s used in crackers and candy. It’s a plant that’s grown in tropical areas, mostly Indonesia. Rainforests are burned down to make room to plant the crop. Tens of thousands of animals are killed by the burning. This short video shows the impacts of palm oil production on orangutans. It’s one of three tough-to-stomach documentaries on rainforest destruction.

WARNING: This video is brutal and raw. Guys, I am not messing around here. Parts are extremely graphic.

Her name is GREEN, she is alone in a world that doesn’t belong to her. She is a female orangutan, victim of deforestation and resource exploitation. This film is an emotional journey with GREEN’s final days. With no narration, it is a visual ride presenting the devastating impacts of logging and land clearing for palm oil plantations, the choking haze created by rainforest fires and the tragic end of rainforest biodiversity. We watch the effects of consumerism and are faced with our personal accountability in the loss of the world’s rainforest treasures.

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Reuters: Hundreds of Orangutans in Indonesia’s Aceh forest may die out in weeks

“Forest fires and land clearing by palm oil firms could kill off within weeks about 200 orangutans in a forest in western Indonesia, an environmental group said on Wednesday.

The orangutans, part of a population of around 6,600 on Sumatra island, used to live in a lush forest and peatland region called Rawa Tripa on the coast of Indonesia’s Aceh province. But more than two-thirds of the area has been divided up into palm oil concessions, said the Coalition to Save Tripa.

Graham Usher, a member of the coalition and a landscape protection specialist, said satellite images showed forest fires had been burning in Tripa since last week, and if allowed to continue they could wipe out orangutans already forced onto the edge of remaining forests.

“If there is any prolonged dry spell, which is quite likely, there’s a very good chance that the whole piece of forest and everything in it, so that’s orangutans, sun bears, tigers, and all the other protected species in it, will disappear in a few weeks and will be gone permanently,” he told a news conference.

The palm oil industry has expanded to make Indonesia the world’s top producer and exporter of the edible oil, used to make good ranging from cooking oil and biodiesel to biscuits and soap to feed growing Asian consumer demand.

Deforestation has threatened animals like the Sumatran tiger and Javan rhino and pushed up carbon dioxide emissions. The Bali tiger and the Java tiger have disappeared in the last 70 years.

A two-year moratorium on new permits to clear primary forests came into effect in Indonesia last year, part of a $1 billion deal with Norway to cut emissions and slow expansion of plantations. But the moratorium was breached in Aceh on its first days, an environmental group has said.

The last Aceh permit for palm oil was issued by former Aceh governor Irwandi Yusuf in August last year to PT Kallista Alam, prompting environmental group Walhi to file a legal suit against Yusuf. A court verdict is expected next week.”

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This fire may have been caused by a state controlled burn.


Lower North Fork Fire in Jefferson County, Colorado

— More than 400 firefighters from several states were focusing on building containment lines around the wildfire, which broke out Monday. Until now, the fire’s erratic pattern has forced firefighters to focus on protecting homes, not stopping the burn.

  • Crews have been able to achieve 15% containment on the fire. The current affected area has been updated to 4140 acres.
  • Air crews dropped more than 4100 gallons of retardant on the fire on Wednesday.
  • The number of damaged structures remains at 27. The owners of all but one structure have been notified.
  • A search team using dogs continues to look for a woman missing in the fire zone. Her home was among those destroyed or damaged.
  • Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper has suspended the use of state prescribed burns like the one that may have caused the fire.

We have more photos of the blaze.

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A wall of flames from a forest fire partially obscures the sun in the western U.S.


A wall of flames from a forest fire partially obscures the sun in the western U.S.

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I am always mesmerized at the destructive yet regenerative force of fire. Fortunately, I have managed to keep my arson urges at bay…

I am always mesmerized at the destructive yet regenerative force of fire. Fortunately, I have managed to keep my arson urges at bay…

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