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Suicide Has Killed More Troops than the War in Afghanistan This Year

154 active duty troops have committed suicide in the first 155 days of the new year—a rate alarmingly close to one per day. The number dead from suicides eclipses the U.S. forces killed in Afghanistan by about 50 percent.

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Garbage collectors look for recyclable waste at a dump site in Tikrit, 150 km (93 miles) north of Baghdad, February 16, 2012. The collectors search and sell metals, plastics, cardboard and papers, and earn about $2 per day.

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2000 of our veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are homeless and 900,000 of them are unemployed.

35% experience significant mental illnesses.

War is bullshit.

2,333,972 individuals have been deployed to either Iraq, Afghanistan, or both. 38 out of 100,000 Iraq/Afghan vets commit suicide. The suicide rate for the general U.S. population is 11.5 out of 100,000. If you take into account all veterans, 18 commit suicide every day. 6,000 killed themselves in 2009 alone. 98 of them were vets returning from Iraq or Afghanistan. 1,868 of these returning veterans attempted suicide in 2009, with over 10,000 in all. 1,286 of the vets returning from Afghanistan or Iraq are now amputees. 1 in 5 have sustained a traumatic brain injury. The unemployment rate of returning vets is 12.1%, compared to the current national average of 8.6%.

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A relic of the Iran-Iraq war, this oil tanker was scuttled near the Kuwait-Iraq border on Saddam Hussein’s orders, to block access by sea to southern Iraq. Kuwaiti authorities are reluctant to remove the vessel for fear of damaging the wetlands of nearby Bubiyan Island, an important fish nursery and seabird breeding ground. Photo: Thomas P. Peschalk

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America: The Rapist

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Iraq, 2003.

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The Cost Of The Iraq War-  Here’s what you can buy with $2 TRILLION.

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Iraq’s Electric Grid

Yes, our work is done here.

I will send troops back into Iraq.

Rick Perry


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We’d be breaking the law. Iraq could declare war on us.

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I’m Rick Perry, and I’m not ashamed to say I’m a war-mongerer. 

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You killed my son and now you are giving me a tree?

An Iraqi farmer to Peter Van Buren of the US State Department after his team tried to give away fruit tree seedlings to replant ruined orchards  (x)

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