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4.5% of the men in the United States is an incredibly high number – that translates into over six million men.

If you added up every US citizen who was officially unemployed or looking for work in 2001, that would be less than the total number of rapists.

If you added up every US citizen who is Jewish, that would still be less than the total number of rapists.

If you added up every teenage boy who had any sort of job – an afterschool job, a summer job, working full-time after dropping out, including all of those – you’d still have over a million fewer people then the total number of rapists.

There are twice as many rapists in the USA as there are single mothers.

For every drunk driver who is in a fatal accident this year, there are over 500 rapists.

If you take every doctor and nurse in the United States; and you added them to every librarian, every cashier, every cop, every postal clerk, and every bank teller in the whole country; you still wouldn’t have as many people as the number of rapists in the United States.

(Think of that a second – think of how often, in your daily life, you’ve seen cops and cashiers and all those other folks. Odds are, you’ve run into rapists more often than that).

To paraphrase Tim Wise: In short, “only” 4.5% of the male population is a lot of people, so that even by the most optimistic assessment of how many men are rapists, there are literally millions out there who not only would but have raped a woman. When combined with those who are less vicious – those who haven’t raped, but would be willing to in the right circumstances, and those who would make excuses for why other men rape, it becomes clear just how real a widespread a problem rape and rape-supportive attitudes are among men today.


Abortion Laws by Country [1350x625]

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Community Conservancy Sends Suspected Poachers to Court

May 3, 2013

Community Elders Take Matter Into Their Own Hands  After the Killing of the Only Black Rhino in Northern Kenya

Isiolo, May 2nd, 2013 – On the 2nd of April 2013, Omni, the only black rhino on Il Ngwesi Group Ranch (and in northern Kenya), was speared to death by poachers. His carcass was found two days later, with a poisoned spear lodged inside his body. His horns were intact.

Translocated from Lewa in 2002, Omni’s presence to the people of Il Ngwesi was very symbolic. It was a first for rhino conservation in Kenya when the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) agreed to return a black rhino back into a newly established community-owned rhino conservation area. Until the 1970s, the area had a very large black rhino population that disappeared after the massive slaughter of the years that followed. Omni’s boma was in a sanctuary situated in an area known as osar lemuny, Maa for wilderness of the black rhinos, a spot that was a favourite of the early rhino population.

Omni’s significance in Il Ngwesi could not be overstated; he was the only black rhino to live on the land since the 1970s, and his presence offered the possibility of reintroducing the species to their previous homeland as well as a way to share with the world at large the community’s interest in using conservation to promote the welfare of their people and open up new commercial and employment opportunities through conservation.

Investigation into the poaching

Devastated by Omni’s death, the Il Ngwesi community with help from other stakeholders (KWS, NRT, Lewa and Borana Conservancy) immediately launched an investigation into the killing. Community elders called for a meeting on the 15th of April, and decided to use modern as well as traditional methods to catch the poachers. The elders gave the culprits 10 days (from the 15th to the 24th of April) to confess or face dire consequences, including curses.

On the 24th, during the second community meeting, two men confessed to killing Omni. Three other men were also identified to have participated in planning the act. The community has since pressed charges. One suspect is still at large, but four of them have been arraigned in court and have all confessed to the crime.  The first hearing was on the 26th of April in Nanyuki law courts. The second hearing will be on the 4th of May (to be confirmed).

The entire investigation has been a community-led initiative, using the arm of the law alongside a traditional cultural approach to expose the culprits within this small society. The entire process has been driven by the community’s deep pride in  Omni, recognising the benefits he attracted through tourism and a desire to see an expanding rhino population thrive on Il Ngwesi.


Il Ngwesi was the first community-led conservation initiatives in northern Kenya, set up with a vision to sustainably manage the environment in order to both graze livestock and conserve wildlife, which it was hoped would in turn, encourage tourists. Visit for more information.


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Norwegian court rules Anders Behring Breivik sane, sentences him to prison

The New York Times: A court on Friday sentenced Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian extremist who admitted killing 77 people, to at least 21 years in prison after ruling that he was sane when he carried out his country’s worst peacetime atrocity. The sentence was the most severe permitted under Norwegian law, but it can be extended at a later date if he is still deemed to be a danger to society.

Photo: Anders Behring Breivik listens to the judge in the courtroom, Friday, Aug. 24, 2012, in Oslo, Norway (Frank Augstein / AP)


A young humpback whale died of starvation while entangled in a ghost fishing net. It washed ashore near Vancouver, Canada a few days ago and locals held a funeral for the animal. Officials are trying to identify who owned the lost fishing net. You can see the tail ripped up by the net. Full story and video.

Meanwhile, Canada’s ultra-conservative government is destroying endangered species act and dozens of environmental laws nearly every week with sneaky, backdoor amendments and secret legislation.

How? Regulatory capture. Canadian officials have successfully been bought by oil companies. In exchange, politicians are gutting environmental laws to help oil companies drill more pollutive wells faster and deeper with little to no regulatory oversight.

Follow climate adaptation.


Canadian scientists protest absurd spending cuts

July 10, 2012

Several hundred Canadian scientists and their supporters held an unprecedented protest march on Tuesday to demonstrate against the government’s decision to close down major facilities and fire research staff.

The protesters, who say the right-of-center Conservative government dislikes science, walked through central Ottawa behind a woman dressed as the Grim Reaper and a coffin designed to mourn the “Death of Evidence”.

“Evidence is the way that adults navigate reality. To deny evidence is to live in a fairy world … when countries engage in fantasy it’s called state propaganda,” Simon Fraser University professor Arne Moores told a crowd of around 800 people gathered on Parliament Hill.

The Conservatives intend to stop funding an Arctic environment atmospheric research laboratory, a move U.S. scientists complain will harm the world’s ability to monitor the ozone layer.

Ottawa is also shutting down the Experimental Lakes Area in northern Ontario, which plays a major role in helping study the effects of water pollution. Budget cuts also mean hundreds of scientists and researchers will lose their jobs.

The government also plans to kill off its own environmental advisory agency.


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Canadian gold mining company asks government to ignore aboriginal "spirituality" and culture while reviewing mining permits ›


They’ll probably win their request. They also ask the Canadian government to ban prayers and children’s plays at public hearings. The mining company states that permit review should only include “objective facts.” They have a point.

A new federal environmental review panel “does not have any right to attribute significance to the spirituality of a place per se,” wrote Taseko Mines Ltd. president Russell Hallbauer in a letter obtained under the Access to Information Act and provided to The Vancouver Sun by B.C. independent provincial representative Bob Simpson.

Last year, the mining company was denied a mining permit. The company went to court to force the government to reconsider the permit, but lost. But, all is not lost for the poor mining company! In addition to weakening the permit review standards, which take native Indian rights into consideration, they’re lobbying the Canadian government to change federal environmental laws all together. After the lawsuit was lost, and the company lobbied some more, the Canadian government will now allow review of a revised permit application.

Stephen Harper’s government is acceptingly being sodomized by oil, gas, and mining companies, which means that the Canadian government is not just gutting environmental laws, it’s obliterating them. The mining company will eventually win their permit to mine for gold and copper - they’ll just have to plant some trees and hire a few natives.

To my mind, this mess reveals major weaknesses of Canada’s progressive voters, environmental activists, and environmental lobbyists. As a result of this disorganization, environmental laws in Canada are bought and sold on the free market right under everyone’s noses.

dear canada: stop it.


Penalties in Muslim Countries/Areas for Being a Gay Male, or for Engaging in Male-Male Sex (from the Economist)

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Canada to cut back on environmental reviews. Mining and oil pipelines easier to build. ›


Environmental groups issue strongly worded letter…

fuck you harper

Higher abortion rates where it's illegal ›


An AP article just published last week that reasserts what pro-choicers have known for a long time: abortion rates are the same, if not higher, in places where abortion is illegal.