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The nearly extinct Panamanian Golden frog, one of the country’s national symbols, inside a zoo.


Protesters from the Ngobe-Bugle tribe block a road during a protest over mineral exploitation on their lands, in El Vigui, Panama, on Feb. 2, 2012. Members of an Indian tribe in Panama are blocking roads in two provinces on the border with Costa Rica in a dispute over mineral exploitation on their lands.

[Credit : Arnulfo Franco / AP]


Praying Mantis, Panama

Photograph by Christian Ziegler

A praying mantis on high alert waits for insects drawn though the night to collect Ochroma blossom pollen.  Navigation lights glow in the background on the Panama Canal.

  May 09, 2011 at 04:48pm


Award in Excellence in Science/Natural History at the Picture of the Year International Competition, “POLLEN DUSTED” by Christian Ziegler

Kinkajous (Potos flavus) are important arboreal fruit and nectar eaters in Central and South America. Here we see one feeeding on the nectar of a Balsa flower in Panama, with the Balsa pollen covering its cheek. It is though that the kinkajou is the main pollinator of the Balsa tree.

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  April 01, 2011 at 06:00am

Panamanian Soccer Player Luis Moreno (Colombian futbol club Deportivo Pereira) Intentionally Kicks an Injured Owl Off Field: Fans Outraged (VIDEO) ›


Soccer fans are crying fowl over kicking an owl. In fact, they’re crying a lot worse.

Panama defender Luis Moreno is facing sanctions after he kicked an injured owl that landed on the field during a game Sunday when his Colombian club Deportivo Pereira was playing Atletico Junior, whose mascot the owl is.

The owl was being treated Monday at a veterinary clinic in Barranquilla. The bird is expected to recover from a slight fracture of its right leg.

The owl had landed injured near the corner of the field when Moreno walked over and kicked it about three yards. Atletico Junior fans shouted “murder, murder.”

Missing the entire point about animal cruelty, Moreno said he did not know the bird was a ‘good-luck charm’ for the other team.

Shithead. Looks like he’s facing jail time now. Although I think being pecked and clawed by a parliament of owls would be more suiting.