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Tens of thousands of refugees fleeing fighting in Sudan are continuing to face a full-blown humanitarian crisis, with people dying from a lack of water, adequate medical care, and shelter as they seek refuge in already-overcrowded camps.

Photo: South Sudan 2012 © Sally McMillen/MSF

The crisis in Somalia is not going to end soon. History is repeating itself and this is a never-ending problem. What I see today is what I saw in 1991: desperate people who fled their war-torn country, leaving everything behind, only to end up in a camp where living conditions are below what is humanly dignified.

Abubakar Mohamed Mahamud has worked with Somali refugees in northeastern Kenya since the war in Somalia began more than 20 years ago. Originally a nurse specializing in nutrition, he is now MSF’s deputy field coordinator. (via doctorswithoutborders)

We have a real emergency on our hands. We are providing medical care and treating and distributing 90,000 liters of water a day at a temporary gathering point. But the ponds here will be empty at the end of this week—after that the situation becomes critical.

MSF’s emergency coordinator Patrick Swartenbroekx speaking about the sudden influx of tens of thousands of refugees in South Sudan seeking safety from the conflict in Sudan. (via doctorswithoutborders)


Rwandan refugees in Goma, Zaire, June 28, 1997.

[Credit : Alexandra Boulat]


Ethiopian migrants hold their travelling numbers as they wait to be repatriated at a transit center run by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in the western Yemeni town of Haradh, at the border of Saudi Arabia March 15, 2012. Some 12,000 migrants, mostly from the Horn of Africa, are stranded in Haradh, which they use as a stepping stone to reach Saudi Arabia, according to the International Organization for Migration. Last week, local media reported atrocities committed against migrants by trafficking gangs which kidnap migrants for ransom from their families in the Gulf Arab states.

[Credit : Khaled Abdullah/Reuters]


Displaced people waited for rations from the World Food Program in Jonglei, South Sudan, Thursday, Jan. 12, 2012. The Murle ethnic group was displaced in inter-communal violence.

[Credit : Isaac Billy/European Pressphoto Agency]


Urgent Humanitarian Aid Needed For 80,000 Sudanese Refugees

Driven by fighting in Sudan’s Blue Nile State, tens of thousands of refugees now in camps across the border in South Sudan need assistance before the looming rainy season renders the area impassable.

“The refugees are left almost completely reliant on humanitarian assistance because the area has scarce water and food,” said Julien Matter, MSF emergency coordinator. “The sheer number of refugees fleeing here has grown far beyond anything anyone anticipated. Providing the bare survival essentials now, and over the coming rainy season, will be a serious challenge in such a remote place,” he said.

Newly arriving refugees speak of ongoing bombing and fighting in Sudan’s Blue Nile State. While people have sought safety in the Doro and Jamam camps, they have encountered a harsh environment where their ability to survive is stretched to the breaking point.

Photo: South Sudan 2012 © Robin Meldrum/MSF
Refugees in the Jamam camp in South Sudan, after having fled fighting and bombing in Blue Nile State across the border in Sudan.


Somalis in Ethiopia: “It Is Not Good for People to Fear Every Day and Night”

“We are from Gedo [region, not far from Ethiopia], and for the last ten years we have had to flee to Ethiopia regularly because of war or draught,” said Zaynab when asked how she came to the Dolo Health Center. “I think this is the fourth or fifth time that we are back in Ethiopia.”

—Zaynab and her three-year-old son Ibrahim have been in the intensive therapeutic feeding center (ITFC) of Dolo Health Center for 17 days because Ibrahim was severely malnourished.

To read more about Zaynab and Ibrahim’s story and the stories of other Somali refugees in Ethiopia read the rest of the article here.

Photo:Ethiopia 2011 © Michael Tsegaye (Zaynab brought her son Ibrahim to the Hiloweyn ITFC to get treatment for his severe malnourishment.)


INFOGRAPHIC: Somalia by the numbers

Extreme drought and rising food prices have forced tens of thousands of refugees to flee Somalia for camps in Kenya. The United Nations has declared the dire situation in Somalia the most severe humanitarian crisis in the world.

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