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Olympics struggle with ‘policing femininity’ - ›

There are female athletes who will be competing at the Olympic Games this summer after undergoing treatment to make them less masculine.

Still others are being secretly investigated for displaying overly manly characteristics, as sport’s highest medical officials attempt to quantify — and regulate — the hormonal difference between male and female athletes.

Caster Semenya, the South African runner who was so fast and muscular that many suspected she was a man, exploded onto the front pages three years ago. She was considered an outlier, a one-time anomaly.

But similar cases are emerging all over the world, and Semenya, who was banned from competition for 11 months while authorities investigated her sex, is back, vying for gold.

Semenya and other women like her face a complex question: Does a female athlete whose body naturally produces unusually high levels of male hormones, allowing them to put on more muscle mass and recover faster, have an “unfair” advantage?

In a move critics call “policing femininity,” recent rule changes by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), the governing body of track and field, state that for a woman to compete, her testosterone must not exceed the male threshold.

Caster Semenya, 21, who lives and trains at the centre as unobtrusively as possible, remains the unwilling poster girl for the issue.

In 2009, she was at the centre of an international controversy after winning the 800-metre world championship with a scorching time of 1:55:45, by an astounding two-second margin.

Her competitors were quick to point fingers at the boyish teenager, whose muscular biceps and husky voice inspired snide remarks. “These kind of people should not run with us. For me, she’s not a woman. She’s a man,” said Elisa Cusma, an Italian who placed sixth in the race.

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Give your children words, about themselves, and their body. Naming is powerful. Teach them that they have a right to their body, that no one, not even you, own them, or have rights to their body. That they always and forever belong to themselves, always. Teach them what bodies do. Yes, even at a young age. I promise you, keeping kids in the dark will not stop sexual exploration. It will not magically make them innocent. It will just make them alone in the dark.

somaticstrength. Your innocence will not save you: conservative Christianity and childhood sexual abuse. Trigger warning: childhood sexual violence/abuse. (via feminismduh)

Basically how I’m going to raise children in my care/I adopt.

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Nudity and being sexual are not intrinsically linked. One can be fully clothed and completely sexual or completely naked and in no way sexual.

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We want to be clear that sexualization is not the same as sexuality or sex. According to the Report of the APA Task Force on the Sexualization of Girls published by the American Psychological Association in 2007, sexualization has to do with treating other people (and sometimes oneself) as “object of sexual desire… as things rather than as people with legitimate sexual feelings of their own.” When people are sexualized, their value comes primarily from their sex appeal, which is equated with physical attractiveness. This is especially damaging and “problematic to children and adolescents who are developing their sense of themselves as sexual beings.”

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important distinctions ahoy!

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And here it is!

Long awaited, a typographic poster for my Visual Organization and Media class about gender! Huzzah! 

What do ya’ll think?


Clears a lot of things up for me. 

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I love this.

I’ve probably reblogged this a million times, but I still love it. Particularly the first one on the left.

I’ve reblogged this a million times too and I still love it as well. My favourite is the one the right; it makes such a good point: it’s not a choice!

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