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There’s The Beef.

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Every minute, 180 sharks are killed. This is 10 minutes of shark mortality.

Please fight for the sharks right to live in peace!

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Search For Fugitive Cow Called Off.


Yvonne, the cow who escaped slaughter and has been on the run since on May 24th, is finally free to roam. 

Hunters who’ve exhaustively searched for the 6-year old cow for months have finally called off the search. Her trackers declared the little cow “as nimble as a weasel.” The shoot-to-kill mission has been cancelled and no more rewards for her capture are available.

Yvonne defied the odds by escaping and again by evading capture and is now free to roam the German countryside. May she live a long and happy life.

Viva Yvonne!

you go girl!

Profitably $laughtered


Eighty percent of grain grown in the U.S. and about half the fish hauled in are wasted to grow billions of animals big and fat enough to be profitably slaughtered, or to produce dairy products and eggs at the high levels demanded by consumers. And over ninety percent of the protein in this grain turns into the methane, ammonia, urea, and manure that pollutes our air and water. A conservative estimate is that the amount of land, grain, water, petroleum, and pollution required to feed one of us the Standard American Diet could feed fifteen of us eating a plant-based diet.


80 percent of the red blood cells taken from cattle at slaughterhouses are processed into “blood meal” and fed to dairy cattle.





I posted about this before. Here’s a new photo. It’s still heartbreaking as hell.

The South Korean government has so far refused to vaccinate pigs against the disease and is now slaughtering them in record numbers despite appeals to stop. - Sky News

Disgusted? Me too. Take action:

 This upsets me so, so much. Sign the petitions at least, guys.

I’ve posted this before, but I’m reblogging for the petitions. Please sign them. These pigs do not deserve to die this way. Nothing and no one does.

Signing these petitions may not help, but it’s better than nothing and the least we can do at present. What I fail to understand is why companies involved in the food industry refuse the minimal cost at start-up to provide vaccinations to their animals when they’ll suffer 10x worse losses if an outbreak does occur. Prevention > Treatment.  


The illusion of free choice.

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World Farm Animals Day


Today is World Farm Animals Day. Today we mourn and remember the more than 55 billion animals slaughtered every year for food production. Today we ask you to live vegan and stop contributing to this suffering.