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21 Dreamy Vegan Cupcake Recipes



This is my lovely Eyeeore. Done at Katsumi Tattoo in Hoffenheim, Germany on November 8, 2012. I love him. He always reminds me that I’m not the only sad donkey in the world and he accompanied me all along. 

I want one. 


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My prospects are great!!!! 

this is what my psychiatrist said. since I’m on my 3rd episode she said I’ll probably always be depressed and we should just try to manage it rather than fix me. oh. 


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Beautiful Turlock lady. One of more than 4,400 hens rescued from a California egg farm by Animal Place, Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary, and Farm Sanctuary after the owner left them without food for over two weeks. At Farm Sanctuary in Orland, California. 

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blerg. I go off them but then a few months later I always end up back on them.