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Titanic Site Reveals Hints of Human Remains

Images were taken in 2004, during an expedition by the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration (NOAA) and explorer Robert Ballard, who discovered the wreck of the Titanic in 1985.

They were reissued to the public on the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, for the first time in uncropped versions, to stress that the site is a memorial and deserves the respect of a graveyard.

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The last wireless message sent by Titanic’s radio operator, Jack Phillips, advising that the ship is “sinking fast” and passengers are being put into lifeboats.

See more photos from the book,Titanic: The Tragedy that Shook the World: One Century Later here.

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I think I’ll watch Titanic today. Because I can. 

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At rest on the seabed: The wreck of the Titanic as never seen before after sonar images reveal details of the doomed liner. (MailOnline)

The large bow and stern sections which rest about half a mile apart from each other can be seen in this sonar image. They separated when the ship split apart as it began to sink.


 A light projection of the Titanic on a 500-meter-long iceberg in the Northern Polar sea of Greenland, during the night of 13 April 2012.

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An old lady recognizes her boob-doodle on the news and goes to visit Bill Paxton on his rock and roll treasure boat, where they make her watch a graphic CGI reenactment of the Titanic sinking (I believe the working title is Hey Granny, Fuck Your PTSD). Then she tells her story. Which is hella not pertinent to treasure-hunting, unless by “treasure” you mean “three hours of nonsense, garbage, terror, death, and delightful Italian stereotypes.”

Turns out, that old lady used to be Kate Winslet, and one time she rode a big boat named Titanic. But she wasn’t too happy about it! “It was the ship of dreams to everyone else,” she says. “To me it was a slave ship, taking me back to America in chains.” Yes. Because imprisonment, rape, and unpaid forced labor are just like having to marry Billy Zane and live in a fur-lined bon-bon palace for-literally-ever…

After dinner, Leonardo says, “Time for me to go row with the other slaves!” Again with the slave thing. YOU GUYS ARE HELLA NOT SLAVES. PLEASE READ A BOOK.

“I Re-Watched Titanic So You Don’t Have To. You’re Welcome.” by Lindy West on Jezebel.

This is the best review of Titanic that will ever be written. Not only for the excerpt above, but for lines like these:

  • “Here’s the thing about Titanic, and the reason 15-year-old girls love it so much: James Cameron is a 15-year-old girl. All of the characters are either 15-year-old girls in disguise (‘Parents just don’t understand!’ ‘Waaah, make the boat go faster!’ ‘I know we literally met 20 minutes ago, but I love you with a suicidal fervor!’), or the kind of goofy caricatures that 15-year-old girls would write if we let 15-year-old girls write our blockbuster screenplays. It’s She’s All That on a Boat, only with Kate Winslet as Freddie Prinze Jr., Leonardo DiCaprio as that girl who isn’t famous anymore, and also everyone freezes to death in the north Atlantic at the end.
  • “In an act of defiance, Kate Winslet sneaks downstairs to party with the simple folk. And look who’s down there dancing a jig! ‘Aaaaaaaay! It’s-a me, Fabrizio!’ Fabrizio treats everybody to all-you-can-eat breadsticks and then invents the mafia.”
  • “Finally, even though she knew Bill Paxton was searching for the necklace, and he hella patiently listened to her stupid story (it’s like she writes erotic fan fiction about herself), that old lady just goes and drops it into the ocean at the end!!! Like, seriously, old lady? First of all, you’re a dick.”
  • “Then, to wrap things up, there’s a dream sequence where the ghosts of Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio walk down the Titanic’s grand staircase and everyone on earth applauds for no reason. You know who are the only people that think the world owes them a round of applause? Fifteen-year-old girls and billionaire directors who own submarines. I rest my case.”


I don’t feel strongly about this movie one way or the other, but this was a hella funny review.

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This was my favourite part:

Titanic is three hours and 14 minutes long, which—fun fact—is longer than the actual journey of the Titanic. It is sooooo ballsy to just assume people will watch your movie for three hours and 14 minutes! Especially when everyone already knows exactly what happens in the end (spoiler: the boat is Keyser Söze). Sorry, Epcot Center, I’mma let you finish, but James Cameron’s balls are like the giantest balls of all time. It would take three hours and 14 minutes just to walk around the circumference of James Cameron’s balls.

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April 10, 1912: RMS Titanic sets sail from Southampton on her maiden voyage.

Titanic was built as part of a trio, one of three Olympic-class ocean liners - at the time, it, along with its sister ships Olympic and Britannic, were the largest, most luxurious ships in the world. Measuring nearly 900 feet long and 100 feet tall, the Southampton dock from which it launched had been specially built to accommodate the huge dimensions of the Olympic liners.

Of the over 2,000 people aboard, 885 were crew members, including Captain Edward Smith, who had been working at the White Star Line for thirty years. In terms of passengers, over half of the 1,317 aboard were travelling third class; ironically, the ship was actually under capacity, capable of carrying some 2,500 passengers, even though its lifeboats could only carry a thousand. Some of the first-class luminaries aboard included Macy’s owner Isidor Straus, John Jacob Astor (the fourth), Sir Cosmo-Duff Gordon, Benjamin Guggenheim, plus other millionaires and celebrities who could afford First Class tickets - which could go for up to £60,000 in today’s money. 

Leaving Southampton at around noon, the RMS Titanic would sail for less than five days before it began receiving reports of the worst ice conditions in the North Atlantic in decades.

omg the titanic was real?

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Photo of the day: 100 years later
Flowers are cast into the water off of the Southampton dock in Hampshire, England, by descendants of passengers who perished when the Titanic sank. The crowd gathered for a memorial to pay their respects on April 10 at the dock between births 43 and 44 — the point of departure for the ill-fated passenger liner. On April 14, 1912, just four days into her maiden voyage, the “unsinkable” Titanic hit an iceberg and foundered into the depths of the northern Atlantic Ocean. Because of a shortage of lifeboats and a lack of safety protocols, 1,514 of the 2,224 passengers aboard were killed.


Teach the truth, Godzilla and the Titanic



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This is the Teatanic.

It’s the Titanic, but a teapot :3

I want this so hard

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